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There is a 1/64 chance that I will turn into Uboa when you turn off the light.

April 5th, 2009, 9:03 pm


This is my new comic, Just My Imagination. You may know me and my characters from my other comics- namely, Street Devil, Lenny the Emo Butterfly, and Adam and Sei.

In this comic, I've thrown together many of my characters; new and old. It is, essentially, a nonsensical rampage of my imagination. Whenever I think of something dumb for my characters to do together, it'll be here. Ideally.

For those of you who might be overwhelmed by the cast size, I have an extensive About page. And other pages, as well. Just today I filled the Art page with 56 pieces and 27 fan arts.

I hope you enjoy my comic!


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